Climate Café

Join us for our next Climate Café on Tuesday 2nd July as we explore the topic of “Community Growing”.

A major determinant of the success of the transition to net zero will be how well we bring everyone along on the journey through effective communication. 

Aberdeen Climate Action's free, hybrid July Climate Cafe is on Communicating Climate Change. We have three speakers who will give their insight into the Psychology of Persuasion, their own local climate change storytelling and about Scottish Communities Climate Action Network.

Bob Keiller, Businessman- The Psychology of Persuasion
Alisa Dixon, Storyteller- TBC
Lesley Anne Rose, Writer/Artist- Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

Each speaker will talk for 15 minutes, and after all have spoken there will be a Q&A session with both in-person and online audience called to ask questions.

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The Anatomy Rooms, All In Ideas SCIO, Arkade Studios, Shoe Lane, Aberdeen, UK